Jimmy Buffett Soars as Entrepreneur

Jimmy Buffett Soars as Entrepreneur

[Book Review] Our firm has its roots in New York City so the shift to the greater Miami area led to fresh discoveries, including the eye-popping Margaritaville Beach Resort. Who can forget the giant flip-flop sculpture in the lobby? The success of this lifestyle destination in Hollywood Beach, not to mention other branded properties, begs all sorts of questions about the ever-expanding Jimmy Buffett empire. This entertaining narrative of the musician’s life fills in the blanks.

Jimmy Buffet (Affiliate Link)
A Good Life All The Way
Ryan White

A book about an iconic musician may seem like an odd selection for our real estate category, but Buffett has catapulted his “Margaritaville” brand into hospitality and property-development cash machine. Understanding the life journey of this not-quite-country musician is well worth the read. And while the book runs the risk of getting bogged down in Buffett’s mid-career minutia, the fast clip of the final chapters is best savored with the biographical foundation the author meticulously puts in place. For the real-estate community, the thematic lesson here may be more about the benefit of organic growth and less about forced development. But the book also telegraphs messages about “knowing your audience” and “giving them what they want.” This selection may not make its way onto most business book lists, but the playful musical journey—with Key West at its core—reminds us that business and personal life can coalesce.

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